"…an album that will be seen in the future as one of the main achievements of this period."

John Clare reviewing the album "Dance of Delulian" The Sydney Morning Herald

"Tinkler is an important talent as trumpeter and composer…he has recorded twice before, but this is the first to fully reveal the strength of his playing and the depth of his originality"

John Clare, Sydney Morning Herald

"Tinkler cooked up a storm with bassist Adam Armstrong and drummer Simon Barker."
"…(Tinkler) unleashed his daring ferocity with extraordinary fluency, bent notes and bursting tones straining against an equally hard-driving bass and drums."
"Scott Tinkler and Bob Barnard….The two best trumpeters in Australia"

Leon Gettler, The Age.

"trumpeter Scott Tinkler never lets you down…his band produced a performance of conviction and passion- hallmarks of Tinkler’s own playing."
"Tinkler is such a strong and assured improviser…At his best he unleashed simply astonishing streams of invention."
"a bold composer with a particular interest in the dramatic implications of shifting rhythms."

John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

"trumpeter Scott Tinkler, an original stylist with a thrilling in-your-face attitude to music-making, took considerable risks and performed with great passion to win the final of the National Jazz Awards."

Peter Jordan, Sydney Morning Herald

"Tinkler’s career as player and composer is already beyond the emulation phase, he makes music that wells from within, so that when the flood gates are opened, the torrent of sharp, bright notes are loaded with soul."

Peter Jordan, Sydney Morning Herald

"a composer to equal his large trumpeting talents."
"The trumpeter plays with impressive maturity, harnessing his prodigious technique and aggressive instincts to great effect."
"Tinkler is more impressive here, playing with exceptional power and judgement."

Adrian Jackson, The Age